Monday, 16 February 2009

so proud and impressed

I know, it has been an awful long time without any news and this post is not going to be very long, either. I just wanted to share the following article with you:

Special Delivery

It's about Dhruv's business in India and a must read :-)

Well done Dhruv!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Stuff to sell

Hello all,

we are leaving Oxford... That's sad - but you can take advantage of the situation and cut a great deal by buying the following at fantastic prices:

Macroeconomics – David Miles and Andrew Scott – Second Edition - £25
Organizational Behavior – Stephen P. Robbins – Tenth Edition - £25
Trading & Exchanges Market Microstructure for Practitioners – Larry Harris – 2003 - £30
Options, Futures, and Other Derivates – John C. Hull – Sixth Edition - £30

Sub Fusc (I'm 1.76m - that's 5 feet 9.29 inch) complete with white bow tie and Mortar board £25

Ladies bike (incl. lock and basket on the carrier and battery lights) not new but in good condition £35

Send me an email - give me a call - whatever you like. Will leave Oxford on Friday morning. So you better be quick...


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Birthday

I took a day off for my birthday on Monday. I was looking forward to punting with

Sebastian and have a nice picnic somewhere when the rain came and we were forced indoors.

Not so easily dissuaded instead we decided to have the picnic in the living room. In the evening we had some beer with friends at Cape of Good Hope. Sebastian was a bit tipsy after the bottle of champagne that we both had in the afternoon and therefore he was surprised that the barman didn’t react to his order of “One Erdbeer Beer” please. Even when he repeated this twice ;)

Monday, 18 August 2008

7th Anniversary

Liebe heißt Wärme auszustrahlen, ohne einander zu ersticken.
Liebe heißt Feuer zu sein, ohne einander zu verbrennen.
Liebe heißt einander nahe zu sein, ohne einander zu besitzen.
Liebe heißt viel von einander zu halten, ohne einander festzuhalten.
Liebe ist das große Abenteuer des menschlichen Herzens.
Spüren Menschen das Herz eines Menschen, dann kommen sie zum Leben.
Liebe ist der einzige Weg, auf dem Menschen menschlicher werden.
Allein die Liebe ist das Haus, in dem wir wohnen können.

-Phil Bosmans -

Picnic St James's Park

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Back in Europe - Oxford

Just to let you know that I arrived last Wednesday with a 6 hours delay back home - Just in time to see the second half of the EM half final.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


There is a Chinese phrase saying „If nice and lovely people leave their house the weather will celebrate this with rain and thunder”. If this is true I am an amazing person because Hong Kong welcomed me with a black thunderstorm and says Goodbye with a Typhoon and as I saw 5 minutes ago again with a thunderstorm. I would prefer sunshine for celebration ;) The warning came up yesterday evening so that we had to leave the Uni really abrupt to get home save. From a warning 3 it went rapidly to 8 (the highest one). Since this happened yesterday night time I was sure that it won’t affect my flight this morning – but …..

I took around 1.5 hours to get a taxi to the airport – horrible drive.

Now I am sitting in a café because my flight will be at least 4 hours delayed – you can’t see anything outside. After checking the Hong Kong Observatory website I was shocked by all the signs: Red Thunderstorm warning, Typhoon 8, flooding and additional Thunderstorm sign …. GREAT!

My husband’s answer was: I hope you can make it to the half final ;)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Finished - again

After Trading and Market Microstructure yesterday afternoon - which was ok but for sure not great... - I sat for my last exam this morning in Derivatives.
I think it was fair and hope that what I wrote makes some sense :-) In Oxford you actually never now up to the point when you finally receive your grade. This is due to the fact, that all exams are "curved" which means that after grading them - something like a normal distribution curve with a mean of 63 is used to adjust the results in a way that the results fit the curve. That makes the personal outcome of an exam dependent on the performance of the rest of the class. We will see ;-)

Now I'm back to the library to work on the last two papers for this term. They are due on Monday but I want to finish them as soon as possible to be able to spend some time with Klaudia. We have barely seen each other this term and I'm really looking forward to having her home again tomorrow.

Therefore I better stop blogging for the moment and go back to my work on Negotiations...